Knitting Is Cool

After months of planning and sneaking around, I'm finally ready to put the Knitting is COOL kit up for PREORDERS this Saturday, January 17th at NOON and 8 p.m. CST on the BigCartel site for $62 + shipping. There will be two times to give ample opportunity for international customers to put in an order without having to stay up until 2 in the morning their time. Even though you Time Lord Companions out there could just go back in time if you miss it!

Want to know what the Knitting is COOL kit is? It started from a hand drawing of mine depicting a sheep wearing a fez and bow tie with yarn balls as wool.

Now, I have a soft spot for Matt Smith and his fez. So, naturally, I had to expand things a little. I got together with Another Crafty Girl to custom design yarn from custom fabric I designed. And the impeccable Susan Claudino Designs came up with an adorable "Doctor Ewe" pattern to use the yarn with.

The "Knitting Is Cool" Kit comes with:

      *Tangerine Designs "Knitting Is Cool" Project Bag.  Exclusive fabric

      *Susan Claudino "Doctor Ewe" .pdf Pattern.  Code to download the Ravelry pattern when it is released to the public. Exclusive pattern for this kit for 3 months

      *Another Crafty Girl "Knitting Is Cool" Yarn kit.   Included are two 107 yard skeins and one 53 yard skein of 100% Superwash Merino Worsted yarn-enough to make your own "Doctor Ewe"                                          Colors included: 
                                                   "Fish Fingers and Custard" (Cream)
                                                   "Bow Ties Are Cool" (variegated Brown/Blue)
                                                   "I Wear a Fez Now" (Red)

It will also come with: 18mm Oval Comic Eyes from Fresh Stitches, enough black embroidery floss to make your "Doctor Ewe" come to life and hop in the Tardis, and a stitch marker from Vintage Rose Knitting Boutique.

These will be PREORDERS, but I will start shipping out kits as soon as they are finished. With the last to go out no later than February 17, 2015. Please know that there is a limited amount of these.