Cross Stitch Accessories and New Items Added!

There have been several things added to the Etsy Shop today! I've added the Tangerine Designs 2 " carabiner. Because even though there's already a ring added to your Tangerine Designs project bag, who doesn't love a carabiner?!

I was also asked to put the new magnet knit gradient designs on pinback buttons. They come in sets of 3 - either warm colors or cool colors. And the Hedgehog METRIC needle gauges are now available.

And then there's this little guy. OOPS! Mistakes happen! This METRIC Needle gauge accidently got a INCHES Ruler put on the bottom! So, for being only half right, I'm listing this cute Hedgehog for half the price!

Now, for all my cross stitching buddies out there, I've added a new accessories to my collection. I have a sheep and fox embroidery floss organizer/keepers to keep up to seven different colors ready at a time. 

I've also added some needle minders/keepers in three different styles: Sheep, Fox, and Hedgehog. Each comes with 2 strong 3/4 inch magnets (one attached to the back of the shape? to be able to sandwich your needle minder to your work. Each is lasercut out of walnut.


All new Cross Stitch/Embroidery Accessories can be found in THIS SECTION of the Tangerine Designs shop.


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