Knitting Needle Gauges

All knitting needle gauges are designed by me and lasercut for precision sizing.  Cut from 3/16" basswood, all gauges will size up to a 17 US or 11 mm needles.

Knitting Needle Gauges fit perfectly in my Zipper Notion Bags and can be attached to the supply clip on my knitting project bags. Say Goodbye to Ho-hum needle gauges!

Project Bags

Project bags are made by me with fun pattern combinations in mind for a little something different than just a canvas bag. They have square bottoms so they stand up well when loaded, and they are fully lined.

Project bags come equipped with cord locks.  I have also added a side clip to carry some fancy stitch markers or scissors, and it can also be used to attach to a belt loop for on-the-go knitting.

Zipper Notions Bags

Zipper notion bags are made to house your notions in a fun way! They are fully lined and a great little pouch for carrying all your little necessities, and long enough to carry your double-point needles.

These are not just for knitting! Use for a pencil case, other little crafts, or even a wallet!

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