Mahalo to Mel

Today in the mail, my daughters and I got a fabulous gift. The super wonderful Mel of Single Handed Knits sent us some fabric from her scenic home in Hawaii. And this on its own would be special, but this is the second time we've gotten such a wonderful gift from her.

The first time she sent this gorgeous purple fabric with white and gold flowers. It took me weeks to get to it. Admittedly, I was waiting for the perfect thing to make. So, when I found Girl's World: Twenty-One Sewing Projects to Make for Little Girls in my local bookstore, I got started right away. The girls will look fantastic in these little dresses when we go on our beach vacation.

Mya so happy she can't stand still for the pic.

So, today when Annaka opened our package and there was more Hawaiian fabric, we were ecstatic about the possibilities! Annaka soon decided that her and her sister needed pillowcases for our soon to take car trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama.

I got right to work! You would think that since I sew for a good part of my job that I would know how to sew pillowcases. Nope!

This is where the Great and All Powerful Google-Moogley comes in. I found this great tutorial from TheCraftyGemini Here. I followed it faithfully except I had to make the cuff a little bigger because I was short just a few inches of the fancy fabric. I added a blue and white accent to Annaka's (her favorite colors are orange and blue), and a pink accent for Mya (because she's a girlie girl and loves pink). I even learned to be fancy and make French seams!

Mya even had an active hand in helping sew these new treasures. She likes to push the buttons on the machine and help take out the pins. Don't worry. The machine was stopped every time she took out a pin. It makes the sewing go slower, but it's worth the look of accomplishment on her face.

So, from the time of opening the package from dear Mel and finishing, it took a whole 3 hours! I would highly recommend making some of these, especially if you're a beginner.

Just look at those happy, goofy faces! Again, Mahalo to you, Mel. Now, the girls will be taking some Aloha with them on vacation!