The Birthday Wrench In My Schedule

I almost always update on Sundays. Usually every other Sunday. It's deadline day for me. So, knowing I have a Sunday deadline and a deadline to get the Steampunk Club shipments out, I naturally work furiously on the first deadline - Steampunk Club. Then, after that I can get bags made for the Sunday update.

Problem: I realized this Sunday is my youngest daughter's 5th birthday party. And does she want a pay-someplace-to-do-it-for-you type party? NO. She wants a Rainbow Dash, My Little Pony party with games and decorations. It is the monkey wrench - no, the birthday wrench - in my schedule. What wins out? The project bags I should be working on for Sunday's update? Or hanging streamers, making games, drawing Pinkie Pie on a posterboard so her tail can be pinned on?

Yep, birthday planning. Mya will only turn 5 once. And next year she starts all-day Kindergarten. She'll be BIG! And I'll be missing her little voice telling me all about how I'm getting all wet from the imaginary rain while sitting under my chair while I'm sewing.

Mya outside my workroom door. "I'm a princess, but I wear this when I'm cooking!"

So, Steampunk Club members - you're packages will go out this week or beginning of next. And I'll update either in the middle of the week or on the regular Sunday schedule-just a week later.

As a reminder, Steampunk Club project bags will be exclusive to Steampunk Club members until SSK, which is in the middle of July. Some of the wonderful extras, however, will be available to purchase April 8. No spoilers here though. You'll have to wait until the 8th to see them!