Rhinebeck 2013

I've been back from the New York Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY for five days now, and I'm already missing all the great friends and atmosphere. It was my first festival, and did I pick a great one to start with?!  

I met several friends (you might recognize some in the photos) at some cabins in the Catskills, sat around campfires, ate good food, and saw sooooo much yarny goodness.

There are several things that I suggest you do if you ever go to Rhinebeck. First, walking shoes. Yes, this probably goes without saying, but I say it anyway. There is so much to see, so much to do, that you'll be practically walking or standing all day. I do suggest sitting down at times and just people watching. There are some truly amazing knitwear at Rhinebeck.

Which brings me to something else-know what you're wearing. What yarn, what pattern, what designer. And be prepared for people to pet you! We love yarn, people! If we didn't, we wouldn't go to a 2 day festival all about fiber!

And if there's one thing you MUST watch, it's the Leaping Llamas competition. I might sound boring to sit and watch llamas and alpacas jump over a bar, but nay my friends. It is the most amusing thing ever! The animals follow their handlers and mostly do what they do. So, the humans are jumping over an increasingly heightened bar to get their animal to jump. The higher it gets, the more hijinx ensue! 

Finally, take in as much of the experience as possible, and try to go with friends! Yes, it's a fabulous time, but it's much better shared! 

Now, for more pictures!  Click on any picture to see it bigger! Also, I had so much fun that I had to recuperate when I got home. So, the next update will be Sunday, November 3, at 7 p.m. CST. Don't forget the time change!