Strange Folk 2013 and Update

I had a fantastic time this last weekend at the Strange Folk Festival in O'Fallon, IL. Great people, food, vendors, and music was everywhere! There was tons of surprised faces as kids realized I had Police Box buttons, and lots of cute babies to ahhhh over. I met the lovely Sarah and Kristi of a new podcast called In a Sknit. They're local to me, and a complete pleasure to talk to.


I also did a great deal of shopping. Ok, way too much shopping! A spindle from Badger and Mushroom, fabulous yarn from the fantastic Megan of Skeined Alive Yarns, a book and vinyl sticker from Unicorgi, fiber from Yarn Geek Fibers, hand embroidered fridge magnets from Stitched Kitchen, Doctor Who art print from ArtMonkeyWorld, a necklace from Villa Design, a vintage chicken egg cup from South City Studio, the Limited Edition Strange Folk Gnome print by Jeffrey at Handmade Family, a glasses case from Creature Type, and my favorite, a crochet blanket from Parsimonia. There was sooooo much more I could've come home with, but I decided my gluttony had to come to some kind of an end. 


To get a sense of how great the Strange Folk Festival is, check out this video from Michelle Volansky of Creature Type. She even managed to get a snippet of me getting my beloved afghan.

For those of you who couldn't make it out to the Festival this past weekend, I'll be having an update on Wednesday night at 7 CDT. There will be regular size project bags, sweater bags, wheel bags, notions bags, new wood buttons, fox knitting needle gauges, and even some clearance t-shirts! Unfortunately, I won't have time to post a preview. So, come check out the listings on Wednesday night. 


Also, for fans of the Just One More Row podcast, the preorders for the special bags will be up on Saturday, October 5 at 7 p.m. CDT.  

Thank you to everyone that stopped by this weekend, and to all my customers! Y'all are AWESOME!