It's been a long time...

It's been a long time since my last post, and the year is coming to a close. I hope everyone has had a safe and wonderful holiday! Lots of knitting and family togetherness was had here at Tangerine Designs Headquarters.  It has made me extremely grateful to be able to work from home where it's possible to take the holidays off! So, thank you to my wonderful customers who support me!

I've also taken the time this last week to reorganize my workroom. No more searching to find what I need!

I found some great cube shelving at my local Target to replace two of my worn bookshelves that I've had since the Fifth grade. Now, all of my fabric is organized, knitting and sewing books are in order, and my yarn stash is in sight. 

For the Ravelry group, I'm going to be starting two new things in the New Year. One will be a monthly giveaway of any $6 or less Ravelry Giftable pattern. In the thread for the current  month, I would like you to post any finished object that you finish in that month. At the end of said month, I'll close the thread and use a random number generator to pick a winner. This will be a good way to see what everyone has been working on; and, well, to win prizes!

The second thread will be just for fun! Spotted Bag will be a thread where you can post photos of your bag in action! At the grocery store, on vacation, at your local Knit Night, on the beach....Anywhere! I encourage you to take your knitting with you everywhere! Who knows when you might get in a couple rows?!

Now, in shop news, I will have 6 of the Exclusive Blue Box Yarn project bags up for sale on Sunday, December 30 at 4 CST. This may be some of the last with that particular lining. While I have a great source for the Blue Box fabric, at times the lining fabric will change.

As soon as I find another great lining fabric, I will be putting up PreOrders for these project bags! So, hopefully, those that want them can get their hands on them.

Also in the New Year, I'll be working on some larger, sweater size bags! I know what it's like to put a Plus size woman's sweater worth of yarn into a reusable shopping bag! It's time to have a nice drawstring project bag.

There's at least one more thing in the works here at Tangerine Designs, but I save that for later. In the meantime, I hope you had a great Holiday and have an even better New Year!