Starting A New Tradition

My family, like most families I know, have certain Holiday Traditions that we do every year no matter what. My girls always get a new set of pajamas Christmas Eve to sleep in and wake up in on Christmas morning. There is always a "Santa" that helps hand out presents. The girls always get into the ginormous stocking my mother made and get their picture taken (as the years go by, this is a good way to see how much they've grown). They're not always so happy about this! And we each get a new ornament for our tree!

So, this year, I've decided to start a new Tangerine Designs Holiday Tradition. Starting this year, I'm going to design a new ornament with some kind of knitting or fiber-related motif - no matter how slight. Each one will have the date on it so you can always remember what year's design it is. For this, the very first year, I've decided on an owl design. Mostly because I'm an owl-junkie!  He has a ball of yarn behind him and some knit stitches on his belly!  I will also be attaching some of my handspun as a hanger.  I'm a beginning spinner, and the colors will be random, but I think this will add a special touch from me to you.  I'm going to start with PreOrders for the ornament, but there will not be a limit on the amount you can order. So, if you want a great gift for a fellow knitter, order 1 or 10.