Charity Stitch

Hey kids, if you are in the St. Louis metro area, mark your calendars for Sunday, Nov 4! Charity Stitch will be hosting a knit/crochet for babies charity event at the Upcycle Exchange, 11 to 5. Please bring potluck snacks. I hope you all can come and if you can’t, you’re welcome to drop off that day! We’ll be making booties, hats, and blankets (if you’re really fast!). 

Also, if you are not in the St. Louis area, you can contact me on Ravelry to send any knit/crochet baby items, and I’ll take them to the Charity Stitch.

Any Ravelry group members that stitch something up, can post a picture here to be entered into a drawing for a needle gauge of your choice! You must be a member of the Tangerine Design Ravelry group to be entered for a prize! I know it’s a short deadline, but anything would be appreciated!